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Southern Mass  Spray Foam Inc. is one of the premier insulation providers in New Bedford, MA. Our insulation contractors commit to provide highly-efficient insulation services to homeowners and business owners around the area.

We continue to upgrade and invest to new equipment and techniques in order to deliver the best possible service. If you are interested in a more comfortable and energy efficient home or commercial property, call us today and  learn how we can help.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a special type of insulation that can retain its shape and condition for a very long time to serve every home and provide them with the best comfort even during seasons with extreme and disturbing weather conditions. When installed, spray foam insulation will transform every home there is to be in its best and safest condition for the benefit of its occupants.

Residential Spray Foam

Residential spray foam insulation has helped many homes find the comfort they have been searching for a very long time already. Insulating a home with spray foam is a wise way to spend your home investment money as its benefits and the advantages it offers will accompany and keep you and your family safe for a very long time. Residential spray foam insulation is truly an investment with never-ending benefits for homeowners around the globe.

Commercial Spray Foam

Keeping your commercial buildings as energy efficient as possible is something you can achieve with the help of commercial spray foam. The thickness of the spray foam will boost the soundproofing ability of your property, which results in greater comfort for the people who stay there. Commercial Spray foam gives many benefits and advantages that will help in retaining the best condition of your buildings.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation will transform your attic from being a dark, overlooked place to the number one comfort-giving space in your home. For homeowners who took the risk of spending a significant amount of money to get their attic insulated, they can now experience the most ideal thermal performance from their home and feel twice as comfortable and relaxed in their homes compared to when their attic was uninsulated.

Garage Insulation

Garage insulation has contributed to making every garage a comfortable-inviting space. Insulating a garage will provide your home with exceptional protection against the summer heat or the intense cold which leads to a more comfortable home regardless of the season. Though it does not have an easy installation process, garage insulation brings with it the assurance that it will be worth the spending and every effort to complete the whole process smoothly.

Basement Insulation

Basement insulation involves a more complicated installation process due to the limited space that this part of the house offers the professional insulation installers. Insulating your basement adds value to your property and is also a way to foster protection for your home against intense heat or cold, mold, and moisture build-up, which can cause gradual damage to many parts of your home. Providing a comfortable place for your family is easily attained by basement insulation.

Crawl Space Insulation

Making your home a more energy-efficient space is not impossible if you invest in insulating your crawl space with high-quality insulation type. Crawl space insulation helps in preserving the best air quality for your home and lowers the annual energy cost of your property. Once your crawl space is insulated, you can guarantee a more pleasant atmosphere for every part of your home.


Listed are the common concerns you may have as you look for an insulation contractor.

If these aren’t enough, you can always call us.

What type of insulation should I be using in my exterior walls?

Insulation types with high R-values are the most recommended types to insulate your exterior walls with so they can have higher heat resistance. Every homeowner has three options that experts in the field of insulation recommend when it comes to choosing the insulation type for their exterior walls; fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation, and loose-fill cellulose insulation.

How important is attic insulation?

The importance of attic insulation goes beyond protecting your home against gradual damage that can affect its lifespan, but it also provides the safety and the comfort that your home and family deserve all year round. Insulating your attic provides your home with exceptional thermal performance and safety against respiratory diseases that may come from air pollutants.

How much does it cost to insulate a house?

Like many other house investment projects, you will meet a few factors that will determine the total cost of your insulation project. The insulation type you want to install on your home is the most vital factor that will dictate your costs, then the size of the whole area needed to be insulated, and finally, the rate or fee suggested by the insulation contractor that you choose to hire.

What is closed-cell insulation?

Closed-cell insulation is a reliable insulation type with a higher R-value compared to other insulation types making it one of the best insulations in resisting a great amount of heat that may enter a structure. This insulation type also has more rigid and thicker cells that give it the ability to confine a large amount of air.

What is an R-value?

R-value shows how well a certain insulation type can resist heat. Insulation types carry different R-values which will vary according to the density or thickness of an insulation material installed in your home. It is also a known fact in the field of insulation that the higher the R-value of an insulation type, the better its thermal resistance and is more energy-efficient.

How can I determine how much wall insulation is in my home?

The accuracy of every measurement that will be made is very important to perfectly identify how much insulation your home needs. The height and the width of doors or windows are the first things that should be measured. The results should be multiplied, which will identify the area of the door and window. Finally, subtract the result from the square footage of the wall.


Save money on energy bills

All homeowners with a well-insulated home can testify that their annual energy bills have dropped by a significant amount, which allows them to enjoy bigger annual savings as well. Insulation is a very efficient way to manage and stabilize the best temperature possible for your home at any season without needing extra help from other heating or cooling appliances, which helps in lowering the cost of your bills.

Increase comfort

The best comfort comes from a home with the best thermal performance at any given moment of the day. With insulation, having a more comfortable home is possible and this is through its capacity to provide every home with the best and safest indoor air quality while keeping it cool during hot summers and warm when the cold winter season starts to fill your days.

Reduce Noise

Reducing the amount of noise that may come into your home is easy with the power of high-quality insulation. Your walls, floors, or ceiling are secured from any unnecessary sound that may bring discomfort to you and your family due to the thickness of the insulation material that blocks the noise and ensures that a serene and relaxing atmosphere is always present in your home.

Improve fire resistance

There are types of insulation that can protect your home against fire. Insulation can withstand a great amount of heat and won’t easily melt once it catches fire. An example of insulation that is effective in defending your home against the destructive nature of fire is naturally fire-resistant fiberglass. A properly insulated home is far from any elements that may threaten the safety of homeowners.

Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams play a big role in producing further damage to your roof that may affect the overall condition of your house. Insulation is best in preventing ice dams by sealing spaces and holes where heat can escape to control the heat loss that your home may experience. With a lesser amount of heat loss, your home will not be safe against damages caused by ice dams.

Protect exterior walls of your home

Your home’s exterior walls hold as much importance as your interior walls when it comes to providing safety and comfort to your home. Insulation envelopes the exterior walls of your home with intense protection by ensuring that they are properly sealed, and no amount of cold air or heat will penetrate them. It also protects the condition of your exterior walls from rain and other factors which helps in keeping them in their best quality.

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